Ally goes next door and let’s simon fuck her

My wife Ally has always wanted to let our neighbor Simon fuck her, she’s asked me to invite him around for a couple of drinks, she wants us to all get drunk and have a threesome, I kind of like the idea and in fact it turns me on a lot, we have disgusted it and we are going to invite him around, one night when we were out we got a bit drunk and she started to talk about Simon and asked if I could give him a call and ask him to come to ours for a drink as the pub ee were in is only five minutes from our house, I asked if she was sure and she said ow yes, I want to feel his big strong hard cock deep inside of me, and want him to fuck me hard, so I rang him, I said hi Simon, we are coming home early but were going to sit up and have a few drinks if you fancy piping in, he said ye that would be good as iv been having a few drinks in the house and I’m board now, I said out loud so Ally could hear! Your board! Straight away Ally graves the phone off me and said hi Simon it’s Ally and I’m board too! They started to flirt over the phone as we started walking home! She suddenly said Simon I have a better idea if Steve’s ok with it? She then said well, we are nearly home and like you say you’re still in bed so why don’t I come into yours while Steve goes back to our house next door, and I could hop in to your bed with you for a cuddle, I know you haven’t had a woman for a couple of years now and just wondered if you just wanted a hug? Simon of course said yes, I agreed, Ally went into Simon’s and I went in our house and went straight to bed, with in five minutes Ally rang me on her phone, I could tell she was turned on by her voice, she said that Simon hasn’t had sex for two years ad would we both mind if he fucked me? I said yes that’s fine as long as you leave your phone connected so I can hear him fucking you, she got even more turned on at that and I could tell he was fingering her, I told her to put the phone down and let him fuck her, so she did and I herd her screaming for him to fuck her harder, she kept telling him that his cock was huge and she wants him to spunk deep inside of her, she kept moaning his name Simon, Simon fuck me fuck me iv never had such a big cock fucking me before! He then told ok Ally your going to fucking get it now! I could hear him fucking her harder and harder she was screaming with pleasure like iv never herd her before, they both cane and kissed, she came back home and got into bed with me and I fucked her as well while she gave me the details of where he held her and how big and hard his cock was! This was the most exciting sex that we have both had thanks to Simon!