Reducing your husband (cuckoldress living)

This is my second little piece on cuckoldress living. The first dealt with emotions as a woman, contemplating the lifestyle. This one is all about managing your husband, preparing him to be a willing cuck. The third will focus on dealing with external relationships, others’ reactions. Where I left off was a planned meeting between … Continue reading Reducing your husband (cuckoldress living)

Accepting yourself (cuckoldress living)

Three years ago I started a relationship with a handsome and very emotionally mature young man called Leon. Leon is a property developer, aged 28 and already very successful. My husband Neil, works as a university lecturer, he is aged 34. This is the first of three articles of advice, this one attending to your … Continue reading Accepting yourself (cuckoldress living)

Something for you to think about

At our friend’s wedding, Susan is holding his hand. Lance’s hand, the black lothario that she has been seeing for near on a year now. The woman getting wed, a girl called Angela, she’s watching. She’s watching how Susan openly kisses Lance, watching how I then react. Angela notices pretty much everything. She notices the way … Continue reading Something for you to think about