Oh god really

Well I hope your enjoying taking a ride with me sharing my sexual experiences. I love sex and having fun.

I was 53 he smiled at me in the restaurant. I was alone away from home for work. Staying in a hotel. I wore a black skirt and a red floral short sleeved V Neck buttoned blouse and high heels. After dinner I went to the bar for a drink. He walked up to me and brought me a drink. I told him I was a single women with two adult children. He was married and had three children. He was a truck driver passing through for the night on a long haul trip. We talked and laughed. Talked about out his wife my ex husband. He asked me if Id like to see his truck after I told him that my son as a child loved trucks.

I followed him to the car park. It was dark. There was his Kenworth. He unlocked the door and opened it. He told me to get in. Realising I had a skirt on he got up first and I took off my heels and threw them into the cab. I got up and sat in the seat. After talking for a while I started feeling really horny. He told me he was here with a friend. I felt a hand on my knee. He looked at me and smiled has hand moving slowly up my thigh. I opened my legs as he reached my pussy his hand against my underwear. I slid my hand over to his groin feeling his hard cock. I unzipped his trousers and grabbed his hard cock stroking it. He lifted my skirt revealing my underwear. I wore a black lacy g string. I lean in taking his cock into my mouth. I sucked up his shaft fondling his balls he sat up holding my head in his groin as I sucked his cock.
” Oh God ” he said. ” Suck it hard “. I kept sucking as he held my head. I could hear people walking past the cab. It turned me on as I sucked his cock. It was now dark. We were in the corner of the car-park. I sat up and slid my knickers off. I straddled him my back to the window. I guided his cock inside my pussy. He smiled as I rode him. He caressed my breasts over my blouse then undid the buttons revealing my bra. He pulled a tit out sucking my nipple ad I rode him. I felt his hard cock deep in my pussy. I groaned as I rode him. I listened to him groan. After a while I orgasmed. Moments later him cum. He filled my pussy with his juices. I kissed his lips as we looked into each others eyes smiling wondering who if anybody had seen us. There was a knock at the passenger window. We both looked. A bald young guy looked in.
“Shit Nick ” he said. As I was still straddling him his softening cock still inside. Nick smiled as he opened the door to the unlocked truck.
” This where you are. ” Nick said to Stu.
“Nick ” Stu said.
” Got yourself a broad ” Nick said picking up my knickers of the seat. ” Nice going to show me your pussy love.” He said
” Nick ” Stu said ” Piss off.”
After talking for a minute still straddling Stu my knickers in Nicks hand we decided to go to there room me agreeing to a threesome. I put my knickers on wiping my pussy with a towel. We got to there room and walked in. A two bedroom room. I sat and got a drink from Stu. Shall we go to the spa Nick said. I then undressed in front of then as they undressed. I took off my blouse ans dropped my skirt. Unclipping my bra both watching with anticipation to see my breasts. I dropped it to the floor my breasts falling out. I dropped my knickers now full with Stu’s semen. It was still oozing from my pussy. Stu and nick now naked. Their cocks hard we moved to the pool. I got in and Stu sat next to me and Nick sat on the other side.
” One fine looking lady.” Nick said. “What would husband say.
” No husband ” I said showing him my empty ring finger.
” Wow really.” Nick replied. “If out wives saw us aye Stu. “Nick replied.
” No ” Stu said “My wife would freak. ”
“Fuck ” mine to Nick replied.
” Lets not tell them.” I said emptying my wine glass.
” More wine ” Stu said. He got out of the pool his cock still hard. Nick slid over to me putting his hand on my thigh and kissing my neck sliding his hand up to my pussy rubbing it and then up to my breasts caressing them. We kissed as Stu returned with more wine. He got in and sat next to me I stopped kissing Stu he kept fondling my breasts as i sipped the wine. I spread my arms across the sides of the spa. Nick sucked my nipples and Stu kissed me fondling my breasts.
” Lets see that pussy. ” Stu said.
I sat up on the edge of the pool my legs open both guys admiring my pussy.
” Fine looking fanny ” Nick said as Stu slid his fingers deep inside me. I groaned as his fingers slid deep inside me. He slowly finger fucked me. It was great. He then circled my clit with his tongue. Nick stood up presenting me with his cock. I grabbed it looking up at him and leant in putting his knob in my mouth and started sucking his hard circumcised cock. He groaned as I sucked it holding my head. Stu licked and sucked my clit and finger fucked me as I sucked Nicks cock. After a few minutes the guys swapped. Nick slid into the pool and continued where Stu left off circling my clit with his tongue and finger fucking me. I grabbed Stu’s cock and started sucking it licking up his shaft circling his knob with my tongue as I stroked it. Nick then licked up and down my pussy lips rubbing my clit with his thumb he licked harder as he finger fucked me. He then stood up grabbing his cock and finding my pussy with his knob slid it deep inside me. He started thrusting me as he caressed my breasts.
” Nice wet pussy ” Nick said watching his cock slid in and out of me as I sucked Stu’s cock. Stu held me head pulling me into him as I sucked his cock. After a while Nick withdrew. They turned me over. I was leaning over the pool. Nick spread me arse and rubbed his knob over my anus and pussy sliding deep inside me again thrusting harder and harder. Stu stood next to him a few minutes later they swapped . Stu fucked me sliding into my pussy thrusting hard.
” Fuck her ” Nick said. Minutes later Stu withdrew and Nick reentered me fucking harder. I felt him orgasm filling my pussy with cum.
” Nice arsehole.” Stu said.
” Yeh ” Nick said withdrawing his cock cum spilling from my pussy. Stu moved to where Nick was. He rubbed my anus with his knob then slid his cock up my arse.
” Oh Fuck ” I said.
” Never had it up the arse. ” Nick said.
” No ” I said as Stu thrusted my arsehole slapping my arse. Nick got out of the pool and stood in front of me sliding his cock in my mouth. He held my head as I sucked as Stu fucked my arsehole cum spilling out my pussy.
Nick got back into the pool as Stu withdrew from my arse. Nicks cock rehardened got plunged back into my body by my arse. For the next 20 minutes they swapped around between my arse and pussy taking turns. Stu cum in my arse as Nick followed minutes later. We sat and talked about it. I got out and showered and dressed going back to my room with a well satisfied pussy and sore arse.


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Hi there. I am a 56 yr old woman. I am a divorced woman now living the single life but still enjoying sex. I have two children. Daughter 30 yrs Son 28 yrs. I am sharing my true experiences. All my writings is true and happened to me. So please enjoy.